The quality of the heat treatment process is decisive for the durability of the workpiece when used later in practice. Selecting the right treatment parameters, continuous order documentation and permanent quality assurance form the basis of our understanding of quality.

Even before the heat treatment process, individual solutions are created based on in-depth consultation and analysis. This is the only way your requirements can be fulfilled precisely - and resources and costs saved in a specific manner. Quality assurance tests the quality of the heat-treated workpieces and makes quality quantifiable. We use proven measuring methods in our materials laboratory. These standardised methods can be adapted to meet your individual needs.


  • Hardness test according to Vickers (HV10-HV0.025)
  • Hardness test according to Rockwell (HRC)
  • Measurement of the hardening progress
  • Structural test by means of microsection analysis
  • Determination of hardness depths (NHD, EHT)
  • Spectral analysis
  • Residual austenite analysis