Gas carbonnitriding is a thermal-chemical treatment applied to steel in an atmosphere enriched with nitrogen and carbon to create hard and wear-resistant edge layers. The excellent qualities of this procedure also include the reduction of the sliding resistance, improvement of the wear-resistance and higher ductility. In contrast to other hardening procedures, improvement of the achieved properties is not based on the creation of nitrides (gas nitriding) and/or carbonnitriding.

The corrosion protection can be significantly improved due to the after-oxidization of the thermal-chemically treated workpieces. The resulting change of the connecting layer can be recognised by its anthracite colour.


  • Absorption of dynamic loads
  • Low thermal stress
  • Reduction of distortion
  • High level of strength combined with maximum durability
  • With and without oxidisation layer


  • Machine parts
  • Tools
  • Roller and ball bearings
Lot size
Max. diameter
900 x 1.200 mm
Max. height
900 mm
Lot weight
Max. weight
1.500 kg
Temperature ranges
Temperatures from
500 - 550 °C
Treatment time
Times of
1 - 100 hours