Peeling / straightening / sharpening

In a mechanical surface processing stage, we adapt the technical circumstances of the rod material for your subsequent finishing processes. This reduces material consumption and saves on complex reworking. Control chip removal is carried out during the peeling process to ensure the required dimensional and shape accuracy. The steel is technically free of surface faults thanks to the machining process. Also, the diameter is adjusted precisely to the customer specifications so that the following machining steps are kept to a minimum.

Any distortion resulting from the pretreatment is neutralised again during the straightening process. This not only improves the straightness but also the roughness of the steel.

Highly precise processing results are the centre of focus of all our machining steps: we achieve a constantly high level of production quality thanks to continuous documentation of the results and monitoring of dimensions.


  • Fully automatic shaft turning system for peeling and straightening
  • Processing rod material
  • Processing steel alloys and non-ferrous metals (including rods, shafts, spindles)
  • Storage in outside / inside warehouses (depending on requirements)
  • Sharpening/sawing in the next process step
Starting material
max. deadweight
100 kg / rod
max. rod length
4 m
Can be realised
from 12 to 62 mm
Chip removal
Can be realised
from 0,5 to 2,0 mm / Chip