Cleaning metal and sheet metal parts

We not only ensure that your parts arrive safely, we also remove any oil and grease and clean them with modern part cleaning systems. Each individual cleaning process can be defined precisely depending on requirements. The program parameters are entered directly on the machine. Decisive factors for this are the type and level of soiling and the necessary degree of cleanliness of the parts. These are prepared to the optimum for your further processing steps.

Various parts are effectively cleaned with high-pressure pumps and using special nozzle systems. The parts are dried under hot air. Our trained employees and laboratory tests ensure continuous monitoring of the washing baths. This guarantees you the best possible quality and uninterrupted part processing.

Performance range
Gross lot weight (max.)
150 kg
Construction sizes (max)
660 x 480 x 300 mm
Individually adaptable cleaning programs (depending on requirements)
Daily washing output
around 10 tons