Martensitic hardening & tempering

Martensitic hardening, quenching and tempering of steel is carried out in three process steps: austenisation, quenching and then tempering. The martensitic structure is distinguished by its very high hardness after the hardening process. Autenisation is carried out at temperatures of 800 - 1,050°C under an active protective gas atmosphere followed by quenching in a warm salt bath. The specified properties are created by the additional tempering stage at temperatures of up to 700°C. The particular focus lies on improving the durability, the dynamic load-bearing capacity and reducing the internal stress in the parts.


  • Cutting tools
  • Attachment elements
  • Tools
  • Roller bearings / ball bearings


  • High level of hardness and strength
  • Production of defined hardness and durability
  • Fine-grain structure
Lot size
Max. diameter
1.300 mm
Max. height
620 mm
Lot weight
Max. weight
1.000 kg
Temperature ranges
Hardness temperature
700 - 1.050 °C
Quenching and holding in a warm salt bath
180 - 220 °C
Tempering by means of
150 - 700 °C