Magnetics particle testing (MT)

Magnetics particle testing is used to check your workpieces for cracks on or just below the surface of the material. This surface crack test can be applied for ferro-magnetic materials such as cast iron or steel (permeability or magnetic conductivity µ > 100).

If, due to the part size or the workpiece geometry, full magnetization is not possible, magnetization of the relevant sub-areas of your workpieces is possible. Ferro-magnetic workpieces with a non-magnetic coating can be tested to a layer thickness of up to 50 µ.

Due to our wide range of testing systems in the magnetic powder crack testing field, we are able to offer an extensive performance range and facilitate a high series flow rate.


  • Automotive industry (forged and cast parts, and finished conditions, e.g. bearing rings)
  • Chains and lifting tackle
  • Pressure equipment, lines, pipes and pipelines
  • Welds


  • Stationary systems (water and oil-based)
  • On-site testing (on existing systems or with mobile devices (manual yoke, high-current generator)