Ultrasound testing (UT)

Various materials can be checked for volume errors in ultrasound testing. In this way, almost all types of parts can be checked reliably for inner errors. The only requirement for this is that the material is sound-conductive. Depending on the testing task, we apply contact or ultrasound procedures.

Parts can also be checked when installed using the contact technology procedure. This helps to prevent long machine standstills and labour costs for time-consuming dismantling of the parts.

Applications of this non-destruction procedure include weld testing (impulse-echo method) and the wall thickness measurements of parts that can also be carried out as mobile tests under construction site conditions.


  • Stationary systems for the ultrasound procedure
  • Contact equipment procedures for mobile applications
  • Weld testing
  • Single part and series testing
Roller test
Roller size
Diameter min. 25 – 110 mm
35 - 180 mm
max. 10 kg