Bainitic hardening & tempering

Bainitic hardening, quenching and tempering (intermediate process)

To achieve the required bainite structure, the workpiece is quenched in a warm salt bath after the austenitizing process. Depending on its shape and material quality, the workpiece is kept at a temperature of 250 to 450 degrees for a period of a few minutes through to several hours.

Due to the higher quenching temperature above the AC1 line (martensite starting temperature), the temperature of the quenching medium must be selected precisely to prevent the creation of perlite. In some cases, extended exposure in a warm sale bath can make tempering unnecessary.





  • Absorption of dynamic loads
  • Low thermal stress
  • Reduction of distortion
  • High level of strength combined with maximum durability



  • Machine parts
  • Tools
  • Roller and ball bearings
  • Alloyed steels
  • Thin-walled parts


Lot size
Max. diameter
1.300 mm
Max. height
600 mm
Lot weight
Max. weight
900 kg
Temperature ranges
Hardness temperature
700 - 1.050 °C
Quenching and holding in a warm salt bath
250 - 450 °C