Maximum output and excellent quality: we use modern cold circular and band saws to ensure the combination of fast through times and precision cutting, exact weights and angularity. You thereby profit from fewer material off-cuts, higher surface quality and very small tolerances.

With our industrial robot-supported cold circular saws, we rely on innovative technology: our handling robots carry out 100% weight checks, angularity tests and final palletizing of the saw bolts fully automatically.


  • Cold circular sawing for solid material (round a square material)
  • Band saws for solid material, pipes, profiles
  • Own tool sharpening shop
  • Outside steel warehouse with a storage capacity of up to 6,000 t.
Starting material
max. deadweight
5 t
max. rod length
7 m
Bolt size
mx. weight
750 kg / piece
max. length
1 m / piece
Cold circular saw
For diameters of up to
350 mm
Band saws
For diameters of up to
400 mm